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Every home has unique needs, and whether you are looking to update the look of your kitchen cabinets, add a design to your glass windows, or replace your front door glass, we can help. Cascade Crystal offers expert advice and free estimates, as well as large catalogue of available designs to pique your creativity, all of which can be changed as you desire. If you don’t want to come up with the design yourself our artists are more than able to work from your description and create the perfect product. Each order is hand made, meaning that we can create exactly what you need, removing the limitation of having to order from a catalogue. If you have custom size cabinetry, odd shaped doors, windows, or mirrors, go custom with Cascade Crystal! The links below present some of our more standard designs and glass applications, browse through to get an idea of the possiblities.

Please Contact us to order, or if you would like more information.

Tabletop Glass

Venetian & Custom Mirrors


Kitchen Cabinets

Rain Frame
Venetian Mirror
Tabletop Glass
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